Preparing for Your First Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

It may sound overly complicated, but hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions (HBOT) can be as simple as watching your favorite movie. You can be lying down and slowly slipping into a relaxing nap, and most patients agree that these sessions induce relaxation unlike any other. It’s one of the most peaceful hours of their days, allowing them to fully take a break from the world’s demands. 

As with most procedures, however, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be daunting. You’ll naturally feel hesitant towards an unknown procedure, leaving you with a variety of questions to ponder on. A little knowledge goes a long way, so we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide for your first HBOT session. Allow us to walk you through everything you need to know:

Step 1: The Evaluation

Once you’ve scheduled your appointment, understand that you will be walking into your initial evaluation. You’ll be directed to the practice’s medical professionals, who are specially trained to carry out the HBOT. Here, you’ll be walked through the entire process of HBOT in detail, what you can gain, and of course, how effective it will be facing your conditions. 

You’ll then be assessed thoroughly, ensuring that you are a good fit for the entire procedure. Any possible side effects will also be discussed, so make sure to listen carefully. Any costs associated with the care will also be covered, ensuring that you are fully prepared, mentally, emotionally, financially.

Step 2: The Preparation

The preparation for hyperbaric oxygen therapy isn’t a complicated process, and technicians or therapists will typically explain it to the patients in advance. Generally, the preparation process doesn’t require patients to wear special equipment.

When preparing for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, technicians usually accomplish a checklist ensuring that the patient is free of watches and jewelry, electronic devices, and lotions and perfumes. They also provide the patients with hyperbaric-approved gowns to wear during the session to ensure safety and comfort. Oftentimes, the facility may also provide films or shows for the patients to watch during the session.

Step 3: The Process

As part of the protocol, technicians ensure the safety of the patients by checking their vital signs. If anything is amiss or if there have been changes to the patient’s medications or conditions, then the technicians have to inform the physicians to examine if the patient is fit for the therapy. Physicians may reschedule or refer the patient to another facility if there are any significant abnormalities. 

If the vital signs are normal, however, then the session will continue as planned. When the session is finished, technicians will check the patient’s vital signs again to ensure that everything is normal.

Making The Most Of Your HBOT—What Else To Consider

After the procedure, expect to find yourself craving for more rest. This is perfectly normal, so make sure to give in to your body’s signals. It’s important to listen to your body during your treatment sessions, and this includes sleeping and napping more than necessary. Keeping hydrated is also necessary, and make sure to follow every aftercare instruction given to you. Should concerns arise, never hesitate to ask your doctor and clinic facility.

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